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Tomorrow X Together Channel Peter Pan in ‘The Name Chapter’ Concept Trailer

The boys of Tomorrow x Together head to Neverland in the concept video for their upcoming album, The Name Chapter.

The video opens with Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai engaging in choreo in a dreamy set as the backdrop transforms into a trippy, nightmare.

“I’ll teach you how to jump on the wind’s back. You might be flying about with me some funny things to the stars,” says a voiceover, emulating a narrator in Peter Pan, as Yeonjun engages in choreography, interacting with a flashing backdrop before he’s joined by his bandmates.

The group is then controlled by a puppeteer as the boys begin to fly. “Up and down they went. Round and round was Wendy’s world,” the voiceover says, before a new dance sequence.

In one part of the video, the members dance with what seems to be an alternate version of themselves in corresponding mirrors while dramatic music plays in the background. For the last minute of the video, the group’s members seem to return to a frightening reality: their home is floating away and their room is falling apart.

Hueningkai looks out the door before taking a leap of faith into the abyss.

The new project comes after they released previous “chapters” The Dream and The Chaos. This will also be the first project since their Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child project, which dropped in May.

“We try to tell stories only we can tell, so I think our albums to date naturally have contained a lot of emotions and thoughts from the teen perspective,” Yeonjun told Rolling Stone back in June about their music.



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