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Disturbing Details Emerge Regarding Michigan Player’s Arrest, Jim Harbaugh’s Knowledge Of It

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Last week, college football fans blasted Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, calling him a hypocrite in the wake of one of his player’s arrest being revealed.

The reason for the criticism came after Harbaugh very loudly called for “serious criminal charges” to be filed against Michigan State players for the brawl that took place after their Oct. 29 game.

The fact that the Wolverines’ coach did so with what was assumed to be knowledge that senior Mazi Smith, who played in all 12 games this year, is facing a felony weapons charge for an Oct. 7 incident in Ann Arbor.

Now, new reports reveal that Smith is not only facing that charge, he was also pulled over for going double the speed limit through a residential neighborhood when police caught him with the illegally concealed gun. The gun, according to police, had a “magazine that held twice the standard number of bullets for a Glock 19 handgun.”

At the time of the arrest, court records show, Smith had two magazines holding 15 and 30 bullets in his pocket, his handgun and a 24 round magazine.

Making the optics even worse for Jim Harbaugh is the fact that he has now admitted he knew about Smith’s arrest a few hours after it happened.

“We found out the day that it happened,” Harbaugh told reporters this week. “Mazi was completely honest, up front, cooperative. Felt like he gave us the exact circumstances and then, as I said, this has been something that’s — I really respect the justice system and feel like there will be a fair resolution that comes soon from that.

“As far as the decision to play Mazi Smith, from the time of the incident through now, that’s a decision that’s made by our athletic director Warde Manuel, president Santa Ono and myself, all who know Mazi Smith and know the kind of person he is and the trust he’s built up in our program.”

Numerous fans are questioning why the district attorney waited two months to charge Smith until after Ohio State game while he charged Michigan State players in only a week. They are also wondering why Eastern Michigan basketball star Emoni Bates was arrested on two gun charges on Sept. 18th and was arraigned the next day, yet Smith has been able to play in every game this season – and will continue to do so until the Wolverines’ season comes to an end.

“I’m not going to comment on whether it’s a felony or not, or whether it should’ve been charged as a felony or not, but I think if you do your homework you’re going to realize you can’t compare this to the low hanging fruit that’s out there,” Harbaugh added. “I’d encourage you not to pander to the twitter sphere and really the haters, that like to drink their haterade and eat their hater tots.”

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