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BTS Docuseries ‘Monuments: Beyond the Star’ Due Out on Disney+ in 2023

The new year will bring a bounty of BTS material for ARMY. In the midst of the group’s ongoing hiatus and flurry of solo activity, Disney+ has announced that it will air a documentary series about the K-pop icons in 2023 that promises to feature plenty of unseen footage from throughout their rise to global stardom.

BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star is described as a “music docu-series” focusing on the seven-member group that will stream exclusively on Disney+ that will “chart the incredible journey of 21st century pop icons BTS,” according to NME. Promising “unprecedented access,” the series will feature music and video footage shot over the band’s nine-year career, as well as a look at their daily lives and thoughts as they plan for their “second chapter.”

In a preview video unveiled on Wednesday (Nov. 30) on the Disney+ Singapore Twitter feed, the band promise that the series will feature the timeline of their growth and music from the beginning through today via “candid stories that have never been told.” Spokespeople for BTS and Disney+ could not be reached for comment at press time about the air date of the show in the United States.

Disney+ hasn’t yet announced when the shows will air in the U.S. “I hope you find new sides of us that are previously unseen,” Jungkook says at the end of the clip. BTS announced in July that they were going on hiatus, later promising to reunite at some point. In the meantime, they are all working on solo projects and the members are expected to begin signing up for their mandatory military service.

In the meantime, Jungkook recently performed at the opening ceremony for the World Cup in Qatar and RM is preparing the release of his debut solo album, Indigo, due out on Friday (Dec. 2).

Check out a preview of Beyond the Star below.



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