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Warriors Won't Consider Trading Draymond Green This Season

The Golden State Warriors are unlikely to trade Draymond Green this season even though they appear to be more upset about his punch of Jordan Poole than their comments and lack of real punishment indicate.

"From what I've heard talking to people, this iciness that you see in the media comments from Poole, saying, 'You know, we're professionals. I'll leave it at that.'

"From Steve Kerr calling it the biggest crisis they've faced.

"From Kevon Looney saying, 'Draymond is going to have to earn our trust.'

"If anything, I think that may be underplaying the level of iciness and tension that they're navigating right now. And that's not to say 'Are they going to trade Draymond?' Everything I've heard is they are not trading Draymond. They're just not going to happen. They're trying to win the championship and will try to ride it out unless something drastic happens. Draymond is going to be on the team all season."



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