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Vasilje Micic: NBA Teams Are Hesitant To Give Me The Role I Want

Serbian point guard Visilje Micic was voted by NBA GMs as one of the best players not currently playing in the NBA. If Micic had his way, he'd be on an NBA roster already.

"I have a desire to go to the NBA, but as you can see, things are not going well," Micic told "I always prioritize basketball in my decisions. I didn't even chase after the money I am earning in Europe, which is hard to earn. I never chase money, I never chase individual prizes, but I know that if I put a lot of effort into my game and get good results, something must come in return: rewards and money."

Micic said he wants to play a role in the NBA, not just a contract and a roster spot.

"From what I heard from my agents, there were rumors about some teams. Some teams were interested in me," Micic said. "As far as I understand, people there are hesitant to give me the role that I want."

Micic's draft rights are currently retained by the Oklahoma City Thunder. If another team wanted to sign the 28-year-old guard, they'd have to complete a trade with the Thunder for Micic's draft rights. For his part, Micic is open to playing for Oklahoma City, but he understands the team has other priorities right now.

"Talking about OKC, they have my rights and I have the desire to go there, but maybe our opinions are conflicting. They want to develop their players and build a young team with all those great young guys they have. Maybe there is no space for me," Micic said. "Maybe the playoff candidates who want me can find a loophole and get me, but that's out of my hands. I can't go out there and say to them, 'Look, I'm a good player, take me'. It's up to them."



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