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Mariah Carey Reveals She Spent the Pandemic Recording New Music — Including a Themed Album

Mariah Carey opened up in a new interview about the music she created during the pandemic, the 25th anniversary of Butterfly and more.

During the conversation with Rolling Stone‘s Rolling Stone Music Now, the icon revealed that she recorded multiple projects in her Butterfly Lounge studio over the course of the last couple years. “It’s about three or four different things,” she said. “One is a project that I’m almost finished with that I was doing some background vocal tweaks on. One is [new] songs that could be for the scripted series [by Lee Daniels] or a documentary. And then there’s a themed album. It’s something that people have been asking me to do for years, but it’s not done in the traditional sense. It’s not done yet, but I’m really excited about it. I’m working [on that album] with some very eclectic, newer artists, as well as some legendary folks.”

For her sixth album’s milestone, Carey is releasing an expanded version of the LP with eight new bonus tracks, including a remake of “The Roof (When I Feel the Need)” with Brandy. However, she still looks back on the 1997 album and feels its single “Breakdown” wasn’t appreciated or supported by the label at the time.

“People did not believe in it, or believe in me in that genre and that moment,” she said, recalling that the label feared her change in sound was “too urban.” “By people, I mean the corporate morgue, the entities that run things. I mean, ‘Tha Crossroads’ was such a big record!”

Meanwhile, any new album would be a follow-up to Carey’s 2018 fan favorite studio set Caution, which featured singles “GTFO,” “With You” and “A No No.”

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