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BetMGM Bonus Code REALGM Has You Covered with $1000 Risk-Free Opening Bet

When you sign up for BetMGM using BetMGM bonus code REALGM, you can use the $1,000 risk-free welcome offer on any market you choose. Whether you place your first bet on the US Open - which tees off on June 16 - The Stanley Cup Finals, or a Yankees game, BetMGM covers the stake on losing first bets up to $1,000.

Win or lose, there is no downside to the welcome offer. Just make sure to apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM when you sign up and enjoy the array of bonuses and promotions at your disposal.

Understanding BetMGM Bonus Code REALGM

Sports bettors have different options when it comes to the promo codes that the top sports betting apps offer. BetMGM employs one of the most popular welcome bonuses, a risk-free bet.

Risk-free bets can be extremely beneficial if you're clear that nothing is guaranteed. The welcome offer is triggered only on losing first bets. Winning first bets render the $1,000 risk-free welcome offer null and void.

What risk-free welcome bonuses do facilitate, though, is the chance for bettors to be more risk forward with the opening wager. Knowing a safety net is in place allows bettors to swing for the fences on bets with longer odds. If you lose that bet, you can go with a shorter-odds favorite on the next bet, which is covered by BetMGM.

You can sign up by clicking the BET NOW link on this page to gain access to the welcome offer. Hit Register and complete the sign-up procedure. Make sure to apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM and deposit no less than $10 of real money into your account.

The first bet is the one that counts, so take your time before locking it in. BetMGM pays out the refund within 24 hours, either by a single free-bet credit, on losing wagers of $49 or less, or five equal free-bet tokens on failed initial wagers of $50 or more.

The welcome offer expires if you don't make a first bet within 30 days of creating an account and bettors have seven days to invest the free-bet tokens.

Same-Game Parlay Insurance Protects Close Calls

For ages, sports bettors have yearned for a get-out-of-jail-free card on oh-so-close multi-leg parlays. Of course, every sports bettor knows what they're getting into when they commit to four-to-seven-leg parlays.

You lose one leg and that's it. Bet over. But you do it because of the extremely high payout potential. Parlays increase the difficulty level, and thus, the joy of winning.

BetMGM knows what winning a four-to-seven-leg parlay entails. The online sportsbook has created an insurance policy that rewards bettors for getting all but one leg on four-to-seven-leg parlays correct. Miss a single leg and receive a refund on bets up to a $25 maximum.

The promo applies to MLB, NHL and NBA accumulators. You don't need to apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM.

OT Insurance Covers Extra Sessions

Losing a bet is one thing but seeing the team you back fall in overtime inflicts an entirely different level of dejection.

BetMGM has a laudable knack for coming up with promotions that are both financially and sentimentally beneficial. This one, which provides refunds on moneyline wagers that lose in overtime, is a prime example of the online sportsbook's ability to see things from the bettor's perspective.

For the Stanley Cup Finals and the remainder of the NBA Finals, BetMGM covers the stake on losing overtime wagers. The maximum refund is $25, so if your $35 bet loses in the extra session, you'll be down the $10 difference.

Make your NHL and NBA moneyline wagers, sit back and enjoy. Now you can actually hope for overtime without fear of an increased heart rate.While you need an account to partake, the BetMGM bonus code REALGM is not valid for this offer.



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