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Rosé Talks Life After BLACKPINK & Feeling Inspired Seeing Dua Lipa Live: ‘I Was Blown Away’

BLACKPINK is back. The K-pop girl group sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss what’s on the horizon for them as a group as well as individually, and Rosé’s solo interview was published by the outlet on Wednesday (May 25). In her profile, she talks about what it was like to go solo in 2021, what life might be like when BLACKPINK is over, and took a moment to fangirl over Dua Lipa.

Rosé made her solo debut in March of 2021 with the arrival of her two-song project, -R-, which featured tracks “On the Ground” and “Gone.” While it was a successful release for the New Zealand-born singer, she revealed that putting herself out there without the members Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo to stand behind her.

“It was very challenging — that put me more in a vulnerable position. The four of us are like one. We’re there for each other, and if one person can’t be in their best condition that day, then we are there to fill in for that other person,” she said, discussing her solo project. “Standing alone was frightening. It made me realize how much BLACKPINK was a big support to me in the past. When I didn’t know what to do, I’d call to ask them what they felt, what their opinions were. So they were always there during my solo work.”

While the group is reportedly gearing up to release an album potentially later this year, the 25-year-old does think about what will happen to the girl group when their time is over, but suspects that her friendship with the other girls will never end. “BLACKPINK is family forever. I grew up with them. They’re a part of me. I don’t think it’ll ever end,” she told the magazine. “It’s dumb of me to ever worry about that or think about it. But you know, when something is so good and you love it so much, you always think of that side, because you don’t want to lose it.”

And as for her feelings about Dua Lipa, Rosé credits the singer for inspiring her after seeing the “Levitating” singer on the Future Nostalgia tour. “Recently I went to a Dua Lipa concert. She was singing live,” Rosé said, in awe of her experience. “Wow, this is — I was like, her voice is — her voice, just, it was amazing. She was so good. I was blown away. I took a lot of notes. I was fangirling for sure.

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