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J-Hope Says Fans Found ‘More Complex’ Meaning in His ‘Proof’ Song: ‘ARMY Accept All of Me’

J-Hope shared a glimpse at his contributions to BTS‘ upcoming anthology album Proof via social media on Sunday (May 22).

“I included ‘Her’ and ‘Outro: Ego’ on this album Proof,” the K-pop idol explains via voice-over in his native Korean. “‘Her’ is essentially a love song, but some ARMY interpreted the lyrics as being more complex, about feeling the pressures of having to reshape who I am for ‘her.’ There can be many different interpretations, but there are times when I have to wear a mask to hide the sides of myself that I don’t particularly want to show other people. And I sometimes hid because I didn’t want to show that side of myself either.

“But they are all me,” he continued. “I came to accept all of my sides as parts of my identity, my ego, because the members and ARMY accept all of me. Who I am, just as I am, my ego is my Proof.”

J-Hope’s “Proof of Inspiration” clip follows similar offerings by bandmates RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga and Jungkook, the latter of whom is back to sporting his fan-favorite mullet these days, which promptly sent ARMY into a tizzy when the hairstyle’s return was revealed in a new Twitter ad for vacuum company Conway earlier this month.

Proof is slated to be released June 10 via Big Hit Music. The three-disc compilation will be filled with unreleased tracks and demos, major hits and deep cuts, as well as three completely new songs including lead single “Yet to Come,” which drops two days before the full studio set on June 8.

Watch J-Hope’s “Proof of Inspiration” video below.



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