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Nicki Minaj Plays Coy About Potential Verzuz Battle With Lil’ Kim: Watch

Nicki Minaj opened up Wednesday (March 9) about possibly taking part in a Verzuz battle against none other than Lil’ Kim.

The rapper’s comments came during her wide-ranging, nearly two-hour-long conversation with Joe Budden on the former Slaughterhouse member’s YouTube channel.

“I saw you say that you would do a Verzuz with one or two people,” the host began as Minaj looked on. “We all got to guessing. I already know [who] one of those people would and should be. My guess would be [Lil] Kim.”

From there, Budden ran through a hypothetical list of artists before deciding that the only other feasible options could be Missy Elliott or Ms. Lauryn Hill — though he didn’t think the latter would be the right match “stylistically.”

“I haven’t said anyone’s name,” Minaj replied with a coy grin before reiterating, “I’m not saying anybody’s name.”

At that point, Budden joked that the “Do We Have a Problem?” rapper simply wants to “slaughter somebody with a bunch of hits,” leading Minaj to reply, “No! Uh-uh. No, because I approach those things as a rap fan, not as Nicki Minaj. Just as a rap fan.

“And I think there are a lot of…not a lot of, but I’m just saying, like, no, it’s just about if somebody can play their joints and have people reminisce and go crazy. So yes, there are,” she concluded, referencing artists she would potentially battle on the popular series created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.

Other female face-offs have proven insanely popular for Verzuz, with battles like Jill Scott versus Erykah Badu and Brandy versus Monica drawing the highest viewership in the series’ history. (At its apex, the latter contest between “The Boy Is Mine” collaborators reached 1.4 million fans.)

Watch Minaj’s full conversation with Budden below. (The Verzuz topic comes up at the 44:13 mark.)



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