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Fans React To Multiple NFL Teams Releasing Proposals To Fix The League’s Overtime Rules

Fans React To Titans Releasing Proposal To Fix NFL's Overtime Rules

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  • Multiple teams have issued a plan to tweak the NFL’s overtime rules
  • The Colts and Eagles have both backed the same proposal while the Titans have introduced an interesting twist.
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It’s been around three years since the NFL decided to reexamine its approach to pass interference penalties after the New Orleans Saints were arguably robbed of the chance to play in the Super Bowl courtesy of a brutal no-call in the closing minutes of the NFC Championship game.

In the ensuing offseason, the league opted to give teams the ability to throw the challenge flag if they felt they were wrong by a pass interference call (or lack thereof). However, that short-lived experiment was aborted following a single season where it arguably spawned more controversies than it managed to solve.

During this year’s postseason, a new rulebook-related villain emerged courtesy of the NFL’s approach to overtime, as fans across the league pushed for a much-needed examination of the current policy after Josh Allen and the Bills were deprived of the chance to respond to the touchdown the Chiefs scored to cap off their thrilling divisional showdown.

It didn’t take long for the NFL to confirm it would explore potential tweaks in the offseason, although some people were skeptical any major changes were imminent due to a focus on player health and safety that gives the league incentive to wrap up games as quickly as possible.

Only time will tell how things will ultimately pan out, but on Wednesday, the Colts, Eagles, and Titans all issued proposals that could be voted on when owners convene in Florida for their annual meeting later this month.

The idea that’s backed by both Philadelphia and Indianapolis is pretty straightforward: both teams would have the chance to have one possession before things revert back to sudden death. Tennessee, on the other hand, issued an interesting wrinkle, as its plan would see the game come to an end if a team scores a touchdown on the first possession and capitalizes on the two-point conversion.

Neither of those proposals may be a magical fix, but based on the reactions, it seems like most fans are behind some sort of change (and that the one proposed by Tennessee has the most potential).


It seems like there’s really nowhere for the NFL to go but up, although it’s worth noting that’s also what most people said about the pass interference policy. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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