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Danny Ainge Has Become 'Primary Shot Caller' For Jazz

The Utah Jazz hired Danny Ainge as CEO in December, which has put another layer above Justin Zanik. Zanik replaced Denis Lindsey in running the Utah front office last June, but the close ties Ainge had with owner Ryan Smith eventually led to the new role.

"There's looking over your shoulder," said Tim MacMahon. "Here comes Danny Ainge who is the primary shot caller and a part time employee. Justin Zanik is still doing all the day-to-day GM work.

"Justin Zanik, who is excellent at his job by the way, admitted he didn't even know Danny Ainge right?" added Windhorst.

"Danny Ainge is Ryan Smith, the new owner, is his guy," said MacMahon. "They're friends..."

"When you bring in a guy in the middle of the season who doesn't have relationships [with the front office]," said Windhorst.

"Zanik reports to Ainge and Ainge and Ryan Smith make the decisions," said MacMahon.

Windhorst and MacMahon added that Dwyane Wade and Donovan Mitchell had a large influence over the franchise.

"And the other thing is, when you talk about the Jazz culture, part of the culture of this franchise right now is to to kiss Donovan Mitchell's butt at every turn," said MacMahon.



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