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Cam Newton’s Opinion About Bill Belichick Makes Pats HC Seem Like The Most Fun Human Being On Planet Earth


Cam Newton describes Bill Belichick as a fun guy who would be great to have a drink with, and Twitter couldn't believe it

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After playing just one season with the New England Patriots, it’s being reported that Cam Newton won’t be brought back by the team next year. But while the former No. 1 overall pick and league MVP now looks for another team this NFL offseason, he isn’t leaving Foxborough in a sour mood. In fact, it’s completely the opposite, with Newton speaking highly of the team’s head coach Bill Belichick.

During an appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” Monday, Cam Newton was asked about his impression of Belichick, who, in addition to being one of the best coaches in NFL history, also happens to have a reputation for being one of the surliest dudes in sports. According to Cam Newton, he didn’t experience any of that while with Belichick, and actually praised the future Hall of Fame coach for being a “cool” guy while talking to host Ryan Hannable.

Per Larry Brown Sports:

“I really thought it was like, ‘Oh my goodness, he’s going to be that sour principal that you never want to see in the hallways.’ He’s so cool, man,” Newton said, via WEEI’s Hannable.

“He’s a guy who, you know, for what it’s worth he seems like that guy you just want to have a drink with. Just sit down and like, ‘Hey man, can I kick it?’ You know what I am saying, ‘Let’s chat.’ I bet he would be so dope at a bar. I mean, he’s got stories out the wazoo.”

This isn’t really the image many NFL fans get when thinking about the New England Patriots head coach, so it’s interesting to hear Cam Newton describe Belichick this way. Sure, there’s no denying the 68-year-old coach has been around the block and has some awesome stories from his time in the NFL — like how he would use the media to his advantage as a young and ambitious defensive coordinator decades ago — but to go as far as calling him cool? That might seem like a stretch to most football fans.

While the end is in sight for Newton in Foxborough, it’s good to see he’s not too defeated after failing to keep the Patriots in the playoff hunt this season. Who knows what comes next for him, but, regardless, at least he’s found himself a new drinking buddy in Bill Belichick.

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