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Solus takes a totally unique approach to heating your room while saving you big money


When your dad used to grumble about how often the heater was running every winter, he'd probably say something about how he felt like he was paying to heat the whole neighborhood. He wasn't. But with the inefficiency of most heaters, it's easy to feel like your home's heater is constantly running…and your bill just keeps soaring in response.

The Solus+ Smart Infrared Heater is an answer to your home's heating problem coming in the unlikeliest of forms: basically that of the sexiest radiator you've ever seen. 

It's a sleek, streamlined heating solution for your home that keeps efficiency and your costs squarely in mind.

The Solus+ comes in two sizes and basically looks like a flat-screen TV. While most standard homes with central heating use convection heaters that heat from the ceiling down, the Solus+ and its graphene-based heating technology use infrared heating that doesn't waste time and energy heating the uppermost reaches of each room. It heats a room directly, making it 30 percent more cost-effective than traditional heaters.

Used individually or as a system throughout an entire home, the Solus+ creates a connected heating web over your whole space, allowing you to control one or several units right from your smartphone.

With smart zoning, built-in sensors let you adjust the temperature controls and comfort level of each room separately, so you never waste energy heating rooms that don't need it. Solus+ also allows for smart scheduling, so you can make sure it's automatically heating your home during hours you're there, then shutting off when you're gone, using less energy and cutting heating bills to a bare minimum.

Meanwhile, the savings from using Solus+ aren't just guesswork. The Solus+ app measures your energy use in real-time, showing you the cost of a Solus+ unit running in each room on its own or the total for the whole house. 

A Solus+ unit plugs right into a standard wall outlet and fully integrates with home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. And crafted from ultra-lightweight tempered glass less than half an inch thick, the minimalist Scandanavian design aesthetic makes each panel look more like an interior design choice than a utility.

Solus+ heating units come in black and white, with or without stands, and with warranties up to four years, all at prices starting as low as $344, a 20 percent savings off the regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

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