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HBO Is Willing To Make More ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ For As Long As Larry David Wants



So, Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s tenth season premiered last night and my primary thought while watching was that Larry David’s brilliance is truly something to behold.

Despite now being 72-years-old, the legendary Seinfeld creator remains as sharp and as cranky as ever, as he used the 40-minute-long season ten premiere to take aim at everything from #MeToo and Make America Great Again hats to Harvey Weinstein and cold coffee.

While Curb Your Enthusiasm is now entering its tenth season, the series has actually been on since the year 2000, which means we’ve now had 20 years of Larry David raising hell. And according to HBO, they’ll keep allowing David to raise his very unique brand of societal hell for as long as he wants.

Speaking to Deadline ahead of Sunday’s season premiere, Casey Bloys, the Head of Programming at HBO, said that as long as David wants to make more Curb, HBO is game.

“The deal with Larry is that he tells us when he is ready to go. If he tells us he wants to do more, we’ll do more. He doesn’t die or anything [in season ten], I can reveal that now. There is nothing that would prevent [more seasons]. He’s thinking about what he wants to do.” [via Deadline]

Given that Curb Your Enthusiam‘s formula remains effective regardless of the what year it is — episodes that aired in the year 2001 are just as funny as the ones that aired in 2017 — it should come as no surprise that HBO is willing to let Larry be Larry for as long as he likes.

The tenth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is now airing on HBO and can be streamed on HBO Go and HBO Now.


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