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A Guy Got Arrested For Storming The Mat And Absolutely Leveling His Son’s Opponent During A High School Wrestling Match In A WILD Video


dad tackles son wrestling opponent


If you played sports as a kid—or even umped a Little League game before you were old enough to get your license—you’re likely all too aware that there are far too many parents who are way more emotionally invested in the game than the kids they’re playing with.

In theory, I can understand why people want the validation that comes with seeing their kid perform well on whatever field, court, or rink they’re competing on—especially if it means they might be able to avoid having to pay for college if they end up having what it takes to get a scholarship.

However, plenty of Sports Dads (as well as Sports Moms) have a tendency to take things slightly too far—like Aaron Hernandez’s father Dennis, who punched Tim SanSouice—the shining star of the recent Netflix documentary about the convicted tight end—over a disagreement about playcalls in games between a bunch of eight-year-old kids.

There was no shortage of stories last year about Sports Parents going a tad too far during various competitions, like the ones who got into it at a fourth-grade basketball game and the mom who picked up a baseball bat and threatened to start swinging after a brawl was sparked because people were pissed with the 13-year-old ump over the calls he made during a contest between a bunch of elementary school students.

There were also a bunch of parents who engaged in a fracas at a youth wrestling tournament in Wisconsin but that has nothing on an incident that transpired at a high school match in North Carolina over the weekend.

The drama was sparked when a wrestler from Southeast Guilford High School pulled off an illegal move against his opponent from Hickory Ridge High School. This incensed the dad of the teen who was basically suplexed, as he charged onto the mat to defend his son’s honor by channeling his inner Terry Tate and absolutely leveling his opponent.

Here’s another angle along with a bit more info courtesy of WXII. 

According to FOX61, the man has been identified as Barry Lee Jones and he was ultimately arrested for the blindside hit after the commotion eventually died down (the wrestler he tackled didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Sports Dads truly have no chill.


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