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Max B Announces "Negro Spirituals" Album, Drops First Single "Black And I'm Proud"

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Incarcerated rapper Max B isn't letting a bid keep him from dropping new music. While fans await the next record in the Coke Wave series, Max B has told Rolling Stone that his next album will be titled Negro Spirituals. “It’s about me really evolving as a person, evolving as an artist,” he said. “My music five or six years ago — even before when I used to make music — it was good, but it lacked the experience I have today. The concept fell into my lap: I’m gonna transform from the old Max B into a powerful new artist with a display of content that they aren’t used to. I’m trying to give the people some substance.”

With the announcement of Negro Spirituals comes the first single from the record titled "Black and I'm Proud." The track's title is a nod to James Brown's classic song, following in the footsteps of his previous releases: “Hold On” which pays homage to Sade and “Don’t Push Me” which pays tribute to Grandmaster Flash and Ice Cube.

Quotable Lyrics

In these streets I'm the Don
F*ck police every song
Mama tellin' me baby what you preachin' is wrong
They in love with your music you should be teachin' them songs



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