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Fox Personality Blasts Aaron Rodgers For Being One Of The ‘Phoniest, Most Disingenuous’ Athletes Of All Time

aaron rodgers speaking the media
aaron rodgers speaking the media

Fox Sports 1 personality Nick Wright sounded off on Aaron Rodgers’ decision to bail on the first week of the New York Jets’ mandatory minicamp for an event that’s “important” to him.

According to Wright, the vitriol that surrounds Aaron Rodgers has less to do with his “immunized” controversy from a few years ago and more to do with the fact that he’s “one of the phoniest, most disingenuous athletes of our lifetimes.”

Speaking on the Fs1 morning show First Things First, Wright tore into the future Hall of Famer’s to miss the Jets’ minicamp, which began earlier this week.

“I have a prediction before I give my take,” Wright began. “When Rodgers talks, he’s going to not so subtly scold Robert Saleh for those comments. And Saleh, when he talks after Rodgers talks, will walk it back a little bit.”

As a Jets fan, Wright is 100% accurate: Robert Saleh has tied his fate and sold his soul to Rodgers, and so far all he’s gotten in return is four snaps and zero completed passes. Yesterday, I compared Saleh to Stu Pickles making pudding for Angelica at 4 in the morning: he’s lost all control of his life [the Jets].

“In Aaron’s world, ‘I gave you guys a heads up, what more do you want from me? I’m a busy guy with important things,’ which is why he’s such a phony,” Wright continued. “Guys, every player — there’s one other Jet not there. A player that never wanted to be a Jet [Haason Reddick]… every other notable player who isn’t at mandatory minicamp, we know why: money. Brandon Aiyuk, Ceedee Lamb, Tee Higgins — that’s all money. We know why. Aaron Rodgers — ah, double booked! ‘Hate when I do that!’

“You have to make a choice: what’s more important? This other event or the mandatory minicamp that every single one of your teammates, except for one, when you are the leader of a team and you believe you’re going to lead them to the Super Bowl and win the MVP. And he chose the other thing,” Wright explained.

“This wasn’t a last-second event, this wasn’t birth of a child. Those things can be excused. This was, ‘I have two things going on in my life today — I’m choosing the other.’ So then don’t tell me the thing that was 2nd place this time is the most important thing going on with you, because it’s not.”

According to Jets beat reporter Connor Hughes, “Rodgers planned this trip when he was still rehabbing and the Jets knew about it from the moment there was an overlap with the release of the minicamp schedule.”

While the reason for Rodgers’ absence has not been disclosed, some sports fans have speculated that it has to do with the event that fringe presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is holding in California on Thursday, June 13.

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