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Video: Da$H – Foul Play

Da$h is locked and loaded for 2023. The rapper’s currently plotting on a new project, but first, he set the tone with his latest release.

This week, the New Jersey rapper came through with his latest record, “Foul Play.” It’s an exciting release that finds him gliding over soulful production handled by Look Damien! The vocal chops bring a sense of ease to the record, but it’s Da$h’s effortless flow that captivates the listener to the end. The Is He Dead Yet rapper brings fans through the realities of the trap while also puffing his chest through his lyrical prowess.

The post Video: Da$H – Foul Play first appeared on Blackout Hip Hop.

The post Video: Da$H – Foul Play appeared first on Blackout Hip Hop.



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