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Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ Was a Scammy, Superhero-Themed NFT Collection

Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ Was a Scammy, Superhero-Themed NFT Collection

For $99 you can now own a digitally generated image of the former president cosplaying as an astronaut, fighter pilot, sheriff, or red-carpet celebrity

Donald Trump earlier this week on Truth Social teased that he’d be making a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” on Thursday, prompting questions as to what on Earth the former president was up to. Is it a rally tour? Is it his candidacy for House Speaker?  Is it something dumber and more pathetic than anyone could have anticipated? Yes, of course it was. It’s a Donald Trump Digital Trading Card NFT Collection.  

The former president on Thursday rolled out a new line of NFTs, along with an infomercial-caliber video announcing that they could be had for only $99 a piece. He’s selling shoddy, digitally generated images of himself cosplaying as an astronaut, a fighter pilot, a sheriff in a white duster, a red-carpet celebrity, and more.   

Die-hard fans of Trump who purchase 45 of these cards (that’s at least $4,455 worth of Trump NFTs) will be gifted a ticket to a dinner with the former president, according to the site. Less die-hard fans will be entered into “The Trump Sweepstakes,” where they can win one of “thousands” of prizes, including an 18-hole golf game with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, autographed memorabilia, and a group zoom call. (It’s probably worth noting that Trump has a rich history of teasing similar giveaways in exchange for donations but apparently never following through on honoring them.)

The Donald Trump Digital Trading Card Collection will produce a “maximum of 45,000 NFTs” throughout its sweepstakes period. Worried someone else might have the same “Trump Ripping Off His Work Suit To Reveal His Superhero Suit While Shooting Laser Beams His Eyes” card as you? Fret not, these cards have assigned “rarity,” meaning they will absolutely, definitely, for sure increase in value. No, there are no refunds. What are you a lib?

These NFTs will apparently not be used to fund Trump’s reelection campaign. A disclaimer on the website indicated that “these Digital Trading Cards are not political and have nothing to do with any political campaign. NFT INT LLC is not owned, managed or controlled by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization.” With the Trump Org. having recently been convicted of criminal tax fraud, they may be resorting to desperate measures to cushion their coffers for an incoming wave of penalties and settlements.



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