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Ab-Soul – BUCKET

The CA rapper is out with the new album Herbert where he gets close and personal. His words are short doses of dripping hip hop groovy confessions over soulful beats, and “BUCKET” comes in a boom-bap packaging.

It’s Ab-Soul’s first album in 6 years, and he sounds confident and contained while he opens up with stories about life experiences. His wordplay is a strong tool he knows how to carry through every song. “BUCKET” goes with lines such as

“I’m controllin’ this system, you can either rock with them or go to hell”

and in the first listen, we do not hear the vulnerability in the whole scenario. But it’s there, and it makes us pay closer attention

The post Ab-Soul – BUCKET first appeared on Blackout Hip Hop.

The post Ab-Soul – BUCKET appeared first on Blackout Hip Hop.



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