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Donovan Mitchell: I'm Asserting Myself On A Different Level Defensively

Donovan Mitchell has rebounded from a disappointing end to his tenure with the Utah Jazz to become an early All-NBA candidate during his start with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mitchell was asked by Sam Amick of The Athletic why the Cavaliers have been such a good fit for him.

"I look at who I've been in my career - a guy who could score the ball," said Mitchell. "(But) I'm asserting myself on a different level defensively. Having another dominant guard (in Darius Garland) who can get you 30 (points on any given night) and also having 'Vert (Caris LeVert), who can do the same, it relieves that pressure a little bit and allows you to be more engaged defensively, to be there and have the energy. And then on top of that, my coaches (head coach J.B. Bickerstaff and his staff) and my teammates allow me to just go, to be myself - whatever that means.

"It's been scoring for the past few games, but it's passing, it's leading. I'm being myself, and honestly I have (former Jazz teammates) Ricky Rubio and Mike Conley to thank for that. Joe Ingles. They've taught me different things. So being able to come here in a group where we all have the same intentions (has been good). Last year, I didn't play my best basketball. I had the worst playoff series of my career. So that stings - being out early. Then you look here, and they were done a week and a half before I was, so they have that same feeling."



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