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Homeboy Sandman – Satelite

Homeboy Sandman announced his new full-length album Still Champion due for release November 11th on Mello Music Group. The album is produced entirely by Deca.

The first single Satellite is inspired by Homeboy Sandman’s song Stroll from his 2014 album Hallways.

I love it but I felt I could improve upon it. I felt I could write a song that had way more depth and way more commentary and insight rather than just things I see when I walk around. “Satellite” is my definitive environment record but it’s not only what I see, it’s what I see means.

Homeboy Sandman

The post Homeboy Sandman – Satelite first appeared on Blackout Hip Hop.

The post Homeboy Sandman – Satelite appeared first on Blackout Hip Hop.



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