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NFL Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over A ‘Special’ New Football Just For ‘TNF’ Games

Special Thursday Night Football

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video unveiled a “special” new football on Tuesday, supposedly to be used in their upcoming Thursday Night Football games.

Thursday Night Football has already introduced new announcers for this year’s games: Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit. Amazon has also introduced Charissa Thompson as the new host of pre- and post-game coverage. TNF will also have a new logo which, unfortunately, many football fans already hate. And a new theme song, which NFL fans seem to actually like.

But a completely different football, specifically designed just for Thursday night games?

Fans went crazy at the mere suggestion of such a thing.

“The game has changed. Introducing a @WilsonFootball x @PrimeVideo x @NFL collaboration: A new ball engineered EXCLUSIVELY for Thursday Night Football,” NFL on Prime Video tweeted.

Amazon Prime Video touts the new TNF football is being faster, more aerodynamic, and having a better grip. Take a look.

NFL fans’ reactions to this new football for Thursday Night Football games were priceless

Russell Wilson also got in on the promotion, tweeting, “Heat coming from this new Prime ball on Thursday nights 🔥 … New team. New ball. New season. Let’s Ride!

So can we expect to see this very odd-looking new football used in Thursday Night Football games when coverage starts on September 15th with the Los Angeles Chargers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs? Not likely.

That, however, didn’t stop a bunch of NFL fans from losing their sh-t, either for real or as a joke.

“In theory wouldn’t this give an advantage to teams playing on Thursday if it’s a more aerodynamic ball? Obviously the disadvantage still exists with the shortened week but just feels like it’s unfair to qbs on teams with less or no Thursday night games,” one NFL fan wrote on Twitter.

“Also if it’s a better ball why not just use it every game? If it’s because lack of testing or data is it really smart to test it on million dollar athletes especially right before a season starts?”

And on and on it went…

Oh my.

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