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Jung Kook, J-Hope & Suga Get Lost in New ‘RUN BTS’ Special Episode: Watch

BTS is back for another episode of its RUN BTS variety show. The latest installment of the series arrived on Tuesday (Aug. 23), and one major question is at the center of the 36-minute special: Will the Bangtan Boys be able to meet in round two?

The new episode picks up where the previous telepathy-themed episode left off. In the first part, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jung Kook put their knowledge of each other to the test after a person off camera inquires, “This may not even need to be asked, but how well do you know your members?”

Unfortunately, the guys failed their tests, which Jung Kook predicted when he said early in the game, “If I search through my memories, we were seriously never good at this.”

The second part of the telepathy episode sees Jung Kook, Suga and J-Hope struggling to meet RM, V, Jin and Jimin after failing to figure out the correct location of their fellow bandmates. The keyword to guide the remaining three members was “sulking,” which Suga and J-Hope ultimately figured out it pertained to the dorms where the group lived after their debut. Jung Kook — though initially clueless about the location of his bandmates and even falling asleep while in transit — was the first to make it back, with J-Hope and Suga being the final two to join the group.

BTS first announced the return of RUN BTS on Aug. 1. “We did some recharging and brought more fun back with us,” Jin said in the announcement video. “We hope you’ll look forward to it.”

Episodes of the RUN BTS web series began airing on Aug. 16 through Weverse and VLive, though the forthcoming episodes will  later be available on YouTube.

Watch part two of the telepathy special episode below.



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