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Suga Talks About ‘Expanding His Musical Spectrum’ in ‘Proof’ Inspiration Video: Watch

ARMY, the time is nigh: There are just 18 more days until BTS‘ forthcoming anthology album, Proof, arrives. Jin, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook have all given personal stories and anecdotes on why they chose to include certain tracks on the album, and now it’s Suga’s turn.

The rapper’s Proof inspiration video was released Saturday. In it, he discusses the inclusion of tracks “Trivia: Seesaw” and “BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER (Ft. SB)” and how they reflect his musicianship.

“I picked two songs in completely contrasting styles. They’re ‘Trivia: Seesaw,’ which is relatively calm, and ‘BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER (Ft. SB),’ which is more powerful and full of energy. I wonder what sort of songs I can come up with ranging between these polar opposite songs,” Suga says, as images from shows and the group’s concert equipment play in the video.

He continues, “It’s fun and meaningful to come up with ideas for expanding my musical spectrum. I think that always challenging myself with no limits in the musical spectrum is who I am and who BTS is I guess my music and BTS music that are products of these thoughts and ideas are our proof.”

The new inspiration video comes ahead of BTS’ scheduled launch of the highly anticipated anthology album Proof, in celebration of the group’s nine-year anniversary this year. See the official track list for CDs one, two and three here. Proof is out June 10.

Watch Suga’s Proof inspiration video below.



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