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Lakers Hope Malik Monk Remains Part Of Future

The Los Angeles Lakers will be limited in what they can offer Malik Monk this offseason after he has outplayed his one-year minimum deal. The Lakers can either offer 120 percent of the veteran minimum (approximately $2 million) or use the taxpayer's midlevel exception, which will be worth around $6.3 million.

"The partnership has been a win from both sides," Rob Pelinka told ESPN. "Both for the Lakers, in terms of the productivity he's had for us and then I think on his side, just showing people what he can do in big moments in big games. ... He's a guy that we would see as hopefully a part of our future."

"We're very loyal people," Monk's brother and manager Marcus Monk said. "The Lakers were calling him nonstop once free agency opened. So we don't forget about that. On the other side, it is a business. ... But I would love to see him in a Laker uniform."



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