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Anthony Davis Making Progress Towards Return

Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis is making progress towards a return. Speaking on NBA Countdown, ESPN's insider Adrian Wojnarowski said Davis is clearing the necessary hurdles to play again this season.

"His walking boot is off, and I'm told this week the next step for him is he'll get on the court and start to do some stationary shooting," Wojnarowski said. "And they still, with 16 games left for the Lakers and the toughest schedule left in the league, the expectation is that they can still hang on to the Play-In and get in the postseason and they can have Anthony Davis back."

Despite Davis missing half the season, along with injuries to other players, the Lakers haven't given up hope on making a run this year.

"They're not punting on this season. Anthony Davis wants to be back, this team wants him back," Wojnarowski said. "He'll make more progress this week they hope, and he'll have another MRI which will be about four weeks out from the injury, and the hope is that he can then start progressing towards returning before the postseason begins."



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