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Sean Marks Hopeful Kyrie Irving Will Be Allowed To Play Home Games

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks isn't giving up hope that Kyrie Irving may be allowed to play in home games this season. In a post-trade deadline interview, Marks talked about why he's hopeful Irving may suit up in Brooklyn before the season ends.

"The decision on the mandate, that's obviously far above my pay grade and not something that I'm overly concerned about now," Marks said. "I mean, I think we're always going to be optimistic.

"I just look around the world and I see things are changing, whether it's the mask mandates, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and then you've got entire countries who are changing their outlook on Omicron and COVID and so forth," Marks said. "So again, far bigger discussion. My hope would be that by the time we roll around the playoffs, if not sooner, the world looks like a different place and the more people that are vaccinated and so forth and we're moving on."

This season, Irving has only played in 13 of the Nets 55 games. Of the remaining 27 games, Irving is currently only eligible to play in 9 of them. The Nets have 15 homes games, plus Irving would have to miss games at the New York Knicks (two remaining) and Toronto Raptors (one remaining).



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