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Randy Rainbow Trolls ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Anti-Vaxxers in ‘Rent’ Song Parody: Watch

It’s been eight months since viral comedian Randy Rainbow has posted a parody song going after politicians. Now, he’s stepping back into the spotlight to call out anyone who’s still skeptical of COVID-19 vaccines.

In his new video posted Monday (Feb. 7), Rainbow begins in yet another faux interview, this time with Vice President Kamala Harris, where he asks why the hell we’re still having to discuss the effectiveness of vaccines against the virus. When a clip of Harris plays explaining the Biden administration’s campaign for vaccination, Rainbow interjects, saying, “Good luck, because the messaging is all over the place — the far right is taking medical advice from Joe Rogan, and now this whole thing has been politicized on all sides.”

It’s then that the singer launches into “The Tango: Vaccine,” his own parody spin on “Tango: Maureen” from the 1996 smash-hit musical Rent. Throughout his campy performance, Rainbow bemoans the continued rise and fall and rise again of COVID-19 cases around the country. “Political schmoes fighting with science bros/ Has the country caught somewhere in between,” he sings. “And we don’t stand a chance/ While we’re stuck in this dance/ It’s called ‘The Tango: Vaccine.'”

For the remainder of the song, Rainbow takes aim at everyone from Rogan, to Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, to NFL star Aaron Rogers, to Republican lawmakers Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, shaming all of them for continuing to misinform the public about the effectiveness of vaccines. “The conspiracy theorists despise those hierarchies/ So they post wacky claims they’ve been magnetized to friggin’ car keys,” he sings.

Rogan has been at the center of a public controversy surrounding vaccine misinformation as of late, with Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and several other high-profile artists removing their music from Spotify in protest of the platform’s continued promotion of Rogan’s podcast, where he regularly spreads false claims about COVID-19 and the vaccines protecting against it. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently told his company’s staff in a letter that while he disagreed with Rogan’s views (and condemned his past use of racial slurs), his show will remain on Spotify for the foreseeable future.

Check out Rainbow’s new parody video “The Tango: Vaccine” below:



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