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Kevin Durant Initially Resisted James Harden Trade, Pushed For It At Deadline

Kevin Durant was reluctant for the Brooklyn Nets to trade James Harden at the deadline, but faced the reality of the situation and gave his approval.

"KD didn't want to get rid of James," one person familiar with the two superstars said. "But he knew it was over."

"Kevin was like: 'F--k it. James isn't bringing s--t," another figure with knowledge of Brooklyn added. "I don't think that would have happened without Kevin making that decision."

Durant called Sean Marks on Thursday morning on the trade.

Durant was one of the members of the Nets who were skeptical of the severity of Harden's hamstring injury. Durant initially resisted the idea of trading Harden for Ben Simmons, but Harden's actions changed his mind.

"Kevin's the one that pulled the trigger with this," another source with knowledge of the situation said. "Kevin's the one that said, 'Do this deal.' There was growing concern that this entire season would be lost and then they'd lose James for nothing."

The relationship between Durant and Harden began to sour as early as training camp. Durant was disappointed by Harden's conditioning and his decision not to sign an extension.

"Kevin and James had a cold war going for the last several months that made everyone miserable," one person with knowledge of the situation said.

Durant held out hope that Harden would be at his best with a championship at stake.

"Kevin always had a hope that this situation could get better," one source close to Harden said.

After telling the Nets he wanted to stay, Harden finally voiced his preference to be traded to the 76ers during the week of the deadline. Harden was at Brooklyn's game on Tuesday and then flew to Houston on Wednesday for a night of clubbing on the eve of the trade deadline.



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