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Swifties Can’t Get Enough of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Very *Red* Photo Shoot

Red (Jake’s Version)? That’s what some Swifties are thinking after laying eyes on Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest photo shoot.

On Wednesday morning (Jan. 12), W unveiled the actor’s feature in their new Best Performances issue on Twitter, and Taylor Swift fans are picking up on some of the visual Easter eggs that their pop icon is famous for.

In one snap, the actor’s hair is slicked back using the exact same heart-shaped sunglasses his ex rocks in her “22” music video, his bicep bulging through the sleeve of a red satin shirt while discussing his role in Netflix’s The Guilty. In another, he vacuums a red carpet that looks suspiciously similar to the knitted scarf Tay (allegedly) left behind at his sister’s house in “All Too Well.”

“Loving him was #RedTaylorsVersion,” one fan commented on the photo, while another wrote, “The red heart sunglasses…the red carpet…and then the mail from…(now you MAIL back my things and i walk home alone) omg red (jake’s version) is coming!!!!!!!!”

A third, though, had the best hot take of all, concluding, “He remembers all too well, I see.”

Revisiting the former couple’s long-extinct relationship once again became a hot topic in the Twitterverse after Swift released Red (Taylor’s Version) in November, including the near-mythic, unedited 10-minute version of fan favorite album cut “All Too Well.”

The song shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release, earning Swift her eighth career No. 1 and breaking the record for the longest No. 1 hit in Billboard history.

Check out Gyllenhall’s W photoshoot and some of the best Swiftie reactions to it below.



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