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OnlyFans Star Faces Prison Time for Posting Images of His ‘Private Parts’

Days after his arrest and sentencing in court made national headlines, Singapore’s highest-earning adult content creator took to TikTok to address his fans and give an update about his well-being.

In September, police received a report that Titus Low was allegedly transmitting “obscene materials” of his “private parts” on OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform known for hosting erotic content. The 22-year-old was charged in court on Dec. 30 with two counts of transmitting obscene material via electronic means for uploading 32 photographs and 29 videos to his OnlyFans account between April and October 2021. He was also charged for breaking an order from authorities in October to stay off his OnlyFans account.

According to charge sheets, Low allegedly wrote to OnlyFans administrators to have his password reset so he could access the account, uploading three more photographs and five videos to the account in October. Investigations against Low are still ongoing, with his trial set to be held on Jan. 20. If convicted of the charges, Low faces imprisonment of up to three months, a fine, or both.

“I’m still okay guys,” Low captioned a 14-second TikTok video posted on Jan. 2 where he was seen alone, dancing to a song in a Lamborghini. The video amassed more than 50,000 likes and was shared more than a thousand times. Hundreds of comments also came in from those encouraging Low to “be strong” while criticising the charges.

The Straits Times newspaper reported on Dec. 31 that Low had withdrawn from an upcoming local male beauty pageant over his charges.

Sex and sexuality remains largely taboo in Singapore, where porn production, gay sex, and being naked in public are illegal. But a sizeable number of Singaporeans have turned to OnlyFans to make their mark and reshape the porn industry in the conservative city-state.

Despite the repressive climate, the site has a notable presence in Singapore, and its popularity surged during the early stages of the pandemic. As of early last year, there were some 150 content creators on the site, a considerable number in a country where the local porn industry remains virtually non-existent. Content creators operate in a gray area, as under Singaporean law selling “obscene” material is technically illegal. But the law is selectively enforced, and Low is the first OnlyFans content creator to be prosecuted in the country.

Low has drawn a huge following on Instagram and OnlyFans, where he has become Singapore’s highest-earning male erotic content creator. In an interview with the Rice Media online portal after his initial ban from the site back in October, he talked about his fame and the backlash that often came with it, saying his critics had “brought the police” to his door.

“One of my haters made a police report. When they knocked on the door [in October] I was very confused. They asked me: Are you aware your nudes are being circulated online?,” he said.

“The police seemed very concerned that it was being spread through WhatsApp and Twitter, which I have no control over because haters keep leaking my content.”

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