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Monthly Horoscope: Libra, January 2022

The sun in Capricorn lights up the home and family sector of your chart, Libra, finding you sorting out issues concerning your living situation and private life! You may be in a nostalgic mood at this time, eager to revisit the past—or to gain some closure, and leave the past behind you for good!

You’re ready for change as the sun connects with electric Uranus in Taurus on January 1: An emotionally liberating energy flows, and you’re ready to embrace transformation! Communication planet Mercury enters fellow air sign Aquarius on January 2, which could put you in a flirtatious mood: It’s a lovely time to socialize, connect with a crush, or reconnect with an established partner on an intellectual level. You’re craving banter! You want to be around people who stimulate your mind.

The new moon in Capricorn arrives on January 2, making it a lovely time to energetically cleanse your home: Donate items you no longer need, and spruce up your space! This is also a great new moon for connecting with your ancestors and honoring your past. Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde in Capricorn for most of this month, which could find you feeling more intense than usual. People are used to Libras being easygoing charmers, but you might be a little more brooding or mysterious at this time!

Venus retrograde could find you rethinking what’s truly important to you, especially at home and in your personal life. On January 5, Venus mingles with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring a creative atmosphere that’s lovely for cozying up in your home, and making it a space for comfortable retreat. You may be craving a spa day, thinking about changing up your beauty routine, or find that your aesthetic is changing. The sun meets Venus retrograde on January 8, finding you making an important realization about what (and who!) is really important to you, and the sun connects with Neptune on January 10, inspiring creativity and encouraging you to connect with your intuition.

Mars in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune on January 11, which could bring some misunderstandings and confused plans. Mercury begins its retrograde in Aquarius on January 14: Mercury retrogrades are famous for miscommunications and delays, but they have some benefits, too! They are a great time to simply slow down, and you may be reconnecting with old friends, too. Astrologers advise against traveling, making big purchases, or signing contracts as the terms may change, but it could be a great opportunity for renegotiations. You may get a do-over on a creative project, you and a romantic partner could get a second chance at something, or you may rethink your approach to something.

The sun meets Pluto in Capricorn on January 15, marking a tremendous fresh start, especially at home. A big transformation in your living situation may be taking place. You may be rising like a phoenix from the ashes after recovering from a situation in your past! A powerful time for release takes place on January 17 with the full moon in Cancer. You may be achieving a great goal at this time, perhaps winning much deserved recognition or reward. Capricorn season finds you focused on your private life, but this full moon finds you on center stage, interacting with the public. 

Uranus ends its retrograde in Taurus on January 18, which could bring some surprises. You may find yourself getting financially reorganized, especially regarding debts, taxes, inheritances, and resources you share with partners. Aquarius season begins on January 19, finding the sun illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart! An important realization about what’s meaningful to you in love, art, and self-enjoyment arrives as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on January 23. A new perspective can be gained. 

Mars enters Capricorn on January 24, bringing you the muscle you need in order to tackle projects at home. You may be moving or renovating, addressing an issue with a housemate, or simply setting important boundaries around your personal life. Mercury re-enters Capricorn while on its retrograde journey on January 25, finding you revisiting a plan concerning your living situation, or more generally, your personal life, and secrets are shared as Mercury retrograde meets Pluto on January 28. You may learn something intriguing about your past or your family history at this time.

Your ruling planet Venus ends its retrograde in Capricorn on January 29, by which point you might have totally redecorated your home, and on a deeper level, you’ve gained a new understanding of what’s valuable to you at home, with family, and with your sense of stability and security. Emotions can feel tense during Venus retrograde, but things will ease up now.

The sun squares off with wildcard Uranus on January 30, finding you freeing yourself from limiting circumstances: You might surprise people with the choices you make at this time, but being true to yourself is key. Other people may have to make some unexpected but important choices, too. While surprises could pop up at this time, the best way to work with this energy is to celebrate everyone’s unique paths, even if it’s different than what you expected or hoped!

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in February!



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