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James Harden: I'm Frustrated Because I Want To Win

James Harden was asked to comment a report from Bleacher Report that detailed some of his frustrations with the Brooklyn Nets and his openness to consider other teams in free agency. Harden has reportedly been frustrated by Kyrie Irving's status as a part time player, as well as Steve Nash's rotations and even life off the court in Brooklyn.

"Talking about reports. I don't know about any reports. Did you guys hear it from me?" Harden asked rhetorically after recording a triple-double in the Nets' 106-96 loss to the Lakers. When pressed on the specifics - cold, high taxes, inconsistent rotations - Harden said, "I don't know about any reports. Of course I'm frustrated, because we're not healthy, there's a lot of inconsistencies for whatever reason: injuries, COVID, whatever you want to call it. But yeah, it's frustrating.

"I think everyone in this organization is frustrated, because we're better than what our record is and we should be on the way up. That's all it is. I don't know anything about any reports. If you didn't hear it from me. ... I don't talk to nobody. I have an agent. If you don't hear it from me, then it's 'reports.' So I'm frustrated because I want to win and I'm a competitor. It's pretty simple."



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