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Travis Scott Says He’s Not Satanic, Not to Blame for Astroworld Deaths

Travis Scott denied rumors that he’s satanic and doubled down on saying he couldn’t see or hear the chaos in the crowd at Astroworld in his first interview following the deadly festival. 

Scott sat down with radio host ​​Charlamagne Tha God to discuss the Astroworld disaster in a nearly hourlong interview posted on ​​Charlamagne’s YouTube account Thursday. Scott is at the center of dozens of lawsuits following the Nov. 5 festival in Houston, where 10 people died when the crowd rushed the stage

In the interview, Scott said he couldn’t hear fans shouting “help” and that he stopped the show whenever he saw something troubling in the crowd. 

“At the end of the day, you just hear music,” he said. “You can only help what you can see and whatever you’re told. Whenever somebody tells you to stop, you just stop.” 

Video footage from the event shows Scott calling for fans to “make this motherfucking ground shake” after he acknowledges an ambulance in the audience. Scott told Charlamagne he wasn’t sure if it was an ambulance or just lights. 

He said he didn’t know that people had died until a press conference that took place after he was done performing. 

Scott also denied a conspiracy theory that he believes in Satan and that the show was a satanic ritual, telling Charlamagne, “I’m a man of God.” 

“Evil is not what we’re a part of. We’re not trying to be a part of that; we’re trying to be a part of joy, we’re trying to be a part of light,” he said. 

Asked how the culture of “raging” (essentially moshing) at his shows may have contributed to how things played out at Astroworld, Scott seemed to redefine the term. 

“It’s not about harm,” he said. “It’s about letting go and having fun. Help others and love each other.” 

While Scott acknowledged he is the face of Astroworld and has a duty to figure out what happened, he stopped short of accepting outright responsibility for how things played out. He repeatedly said artists like himself rely on “professionals to make sure that things happen and people leave safely.” 

According to CNN, Scott’s lawyers have asked for six lawsuits against him to be dismissed and denied allegations that he was negligent. 

Houston attorney James Lassiter, who represents several of the victims, said Scott’s “attempt to escape responsibility” is “shameful.” 

“While he continues using social media to present a public image of someone who is grieved by the catastrophic loss of life that his actions caused, he is quietly paying celebrity lawyers to argue his victims deserve nothing more than symbolic help with funeral costs,” Lassiter told CNN. 

Following the festival, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said he had expressed concerns to Scott’s team about crowd control before the show. But Scott said in the interview Finner mostly stopped by to congratulate him on the event, and that he wasn’t informed about trampling that had taken place by the merch booth earlier in the day. 

Asked if he is hesitant to perform on stage again, Scott said he views performing as a healing experience, and his fans as family. 

“I wish you could kind of just hold everyone, just heal them, talk to them.” 

Scott stopped short of blaming any organization or entity, including concert organizer Live Nation, which has also been named in dozens of lawsuits. 

“Something tragic happened here, and what I’ve just been trying to get to the bottom of is what happened here, how it happened… I think the families are owed that.” 

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