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A Snowstorm Trapped 50 People in a Remote Pub With an Oasis Tribute Band for 3 Days

Dozens of people may be looking back in anger at their decision to visit Britain’s highest pub after a dramatic winter storm and freezing temperatures prevented them from leaving for three nights and counting.

Guests had originally turned up at the remote Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales, northern England, on Friday to enjoy an evening of music by Oasis tribute band NOASIS, but little by little heavy snowfall and fallen power cables meant the 60 or so patrons, band members and staff became trapped.

Around 50 guests were forced to stay for a third night on Sunday, according to pub manager Nicola Townsend who spoke to UK broadcaster Sky News.

One person was removed by mountain rescue due to a medical condition, and some others managed to leave on Saturday night in a 4x4 vehicle or SUV.

The snow is 9ft deep in certain areas, and visitors have been advised not to drive even in a 4x4, said Townsend. 

"We're all sleeping down here again tonight. Nobody else is going anywhere now," Townsend told Sky News on Sunday. "We're just going to make sure everybody is safe.”

Photos from the pub show guests doing a pub quiz, eating roasts, singing karaoke, sleeping on the floor of the pub with blankets, and dancing to NOASIS, who have now been unofficially renamed Snow-asis.

As the UK faces freezing temperatures and the bad weather brought by Storm Arwen has resulted in at least three deaths, Townsend said that guests were in good spirits despite the inadvertent imprisonment. They’ve got plenty of supplies, but have run out of sausages at breakfast, she said.

"Our guests have been absolutely amazing – couldn't have asked for better,” she said. “They've been really patient and really understanding so on behalf of the staff here it's a big thank you from us all for being incredible."

Townsend told the BBC’s Today programme that on the agenda for Monday was a best-dressed snowman competition – if it wasn’t too cold outside.



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