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Wu-Tang’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” Has New Owners

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is probably the most secret album in music history or at least in hip-hop. It is Wu-Tang Clan’s seventh album and it was in the works for 6 years. Every living member of the group (RIP O.D.B.) is on the album. There are 31 tracks on the album and such a great package. That’s it. We don’t know anything else about the album as the rest of the world.

Album is released back in 2015. as an exclusive copy bought by pharmaceutical ‘Pharma bro’ and CEO Martin Shkreli for 2 million dollars. Afterwards, he was beefing with Ghostface Killah and… Well, the entire world for drastically increasing drug prices and for defrauding investors.

In 2017. he was sentenced to 7 years in prison and all of his assets were seized by the U.S. government. Among those assets was one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan’s album.

In July this year, some unknown crypto fans secretly paid $4 million for the album. When the news came out this summer that was it. Great, more secrets surrounding the album.

Well, that was the case until now. The new owners of the mysterious album have finally revealed their identities. In a new Rolling Stone feature, a group of 74 crypto fans named PleasrDAO confirmed that they purchased the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album from the federal government in July for $4 million. The PleasrDAO is known for purchasing “digital collectibles honoring anti-establishment rebels” and unlike the bad boy Martin Shkreli, they plan on sharing the Wu-Tang record with the world. This is brilliant news for every single Wu fan in the world.

Can I get a SUUUUU?

Well, no, because if you think this is the happy ending when it comes to the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album, it is not. A legal agreement with the purchaser says that the album cannot be commercially exploited until 2103., so they will have to discuss everything with RZA and producer Cilvaringz.

You can find about this more on the Rolling Stones article right here.

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