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Trae Young Frustrated With Officiating Points Of Emphasis

Atlanta Hawks star guard Trae Young stopped his criticism of NBA officiating before he got fined. Before he did, Young made it clear the new points of emphasis on foul drawing have him frustrated.

"There's a lot of missed calls," Young said. "It's basketball. It's just, it feels that they're learning, and they're just -- I don't know. It's frustrating."

Young added, "I don't want to get fined too much, but it's frustrating."

The Hawks star also said he's seen other All-Stars like Devin Booker, James Harden and Damian Lillard impacted by this new way of officiating.

"I saw James said it's about him, but it's not targeting just one player or two players," Young said. "You can watch basketball. Damian Lillard's never averaged 17 points probably since his rookie year. There's a couple guys. I mean, Book's averaging 18. There's a lot of things that, when guys are driving straight and guys are getting knocked off balance -- it's still a foul, whether they're using their lower body or their hands."

Young finished up by saying he supports most of the new emphasis.

"Veering back and jumping into guys -- that's different," he said. "There are certain things that, I agree with the rule changes, but then there's things that are still fouls, and guys are going to get hurt. Especially a smaller guy like me who's going up against bigger and stronger defenders, they're using their body and they're using their legs and their hands to stop me."



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