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NFL Fans React To Patrick Mahomes Saying It’s Been ‘Rainbows And Flowers’ For Years But That’s Over For Now

Patrick Mahomes rainbows and flowers quote NFL fans react

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  • After failing to score a touchdown for his first time as the Chiefs starting QB, Patrick Mahomes reflected on this rough patch the team is going through
  • Mahomes has now had five games this season with multiple turnovers after turning it over twice in the 27-3 loss to Tennessee
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The Kansas City Chiefs came into this season the consensus favorite to win the AFC and return to the Super Bowl. Now, just seven weeks into the season, the Chiefs are 3-4 (3rd in AFC West) and people are speculating if they’re out of the AFC race entirely.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had a phenomenal start to his NFL career. The 4 losses in 7 games this season already ties his career-high for losses in a regular season (12-4, 11-3, 14-1). Mahomes hasn’t really faced a stretch of tough times in his NFL career until now and that’s something he addressed on Sunday.

In the Week 7 matchup against the Tennessee Titans, Mahomes turned the ball over twice and failed to score a touchdown in a game for his first time as the Chiefs starting QB. It’s already the fifth game this season that Patrick Mahomes has turned the ball over multiple times. Teresa Walker of the Associated Press shared an interesting quote from Mahomes after the loss:

“It’s been kind of rainbows and flowers and awesome for these last few years, but whenever you want to build something substantial and you want to build something great, you’re going to go through parts like this. It’s going to take us getting better every single day.”

It sounds like trouble in paradise. And if I was a Chiefs fan I’d be reassured by the fact that Mahomes is at least addressing it head-on versus denying or ignoring the team’s troubles.

Football fans on Twitter were quick to respond to that quote from Patrick:

This one refers to the outspoken Mahomes family and the suggestions that could be a distraction for Patrick on the field.

As for whether or not the Chiefs will make the playoffs, this quote from ESPN’s Chalk is pretty telling about Kansas City’s chances:

The Chiefs dropped to 3-4 with a blowout loss to the Titans on Sunday. Kansas City is the ninth team in the Super Bowl era to have a losing record through seven games, despite being favored in all seven games. Out of the previous eight teams, only the 1985 49ers reached the playoffs, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Mahomes is a generational talent. But teams are figuring out how to get to him and the Chiefs’ vulnerabilities are being exposed. Andy Reid is a great coach and I do think he’ll make adjustments but if it doesn’t come soon it could get REAL BAD for Mahomes.

This kind of reminds me of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. An expansion team who came into existence and knows nothing but playoffs success. Just like Patrick Mahomes has had unprecedented success since he took over as starting QB of the Kansas City Chiefs. When something goes wrong it feels like the sky is falling because he doesn’t know what losing in the NFL feels like. The next five weeks will be very telling.

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