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MacBook Pro display notch obscures app menu bars: "How is this shippable?"

Apple's new MacBook Pro loses features users disliked and restores some they loved—the SD card slot and physical F-keys!— and adds the company's powerful and efficient in-house processors. One new feature, though, was not so well-received: the display now has a notch at the top, like Apple's smartphones. Apple claims that the notch isn't lost space and that the area either side of the notch is "more space", pointing out that it used a taller panel with a peculiar aspect ratio to preserve the standard widescreen dimensions underneath the notch. But, alas, users are reporting that the notch is a problem in practice, obscuring important on-screen elements such as application menu bars. Here's Quinn Nelson:

My heart fell when I saw the notch during the presentation. I'd been waiting for this laptop for a long time, but this feature is distracting enough to dissuade me from ordering. Like the touchbar before it, it's a bizarre reminder of Apple's science fiction about work, mobility and creativity. But the touchbar's at least imagined a world of unleashed creativity and adaptive control. The notch is crude and inelegant reminder that you've got another meeting to log into.



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