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Adam Silver: Midseason Tournament Makes Sense

As part of his annual State of the NBA address, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was asked if the league is still considering a midseason tournament. Silver stopped short of calling it a priority, but did say it's still under consideration.

"We're in the process, still, of formulating," Silver said. "We looking at the best proposal for all concerned." Silver went on to say that it has to be in the best interests for the teams and players to move forward with any kind of midseason tournament.

Silver noted that he believes this type of event "makes sense".

Silver has pushed for the idea of a European soccer-style in-season competition for years. This dates back to when he was the Deputy Commissioner under David Stern. The idea has gained steamed in recent years. After the success of the 2020 bubble at Walt Disney World, a single-site mid-season tournament has become more popular in league circles.



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