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Swifties Are Freaking Out About ‘Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version),’ But Wonder ‘What Era Are We In?’

There’s nothing Taylor Swift loves more than surprising her Swifties with an unexpected music drop. But when Tay Nation woke up with the new “Taylor’s Version” of the 1989 single “Wildest Dreams”on Friday (Sept. 17) some of them had mixed feelings. Sure, they were wildly excited to have a glimpse of another one of Swift’s re-recordings of an iconic tune, but they were also like, “Wait up. Why are you going out of order!?”

Swift explained that she was inspired by Swifties getting the song trending on TikTok after they started using it to soundtrack their clips with the service’s new “slow zoom” filter. But what she didn’t explain was why she did it before the upcoming release of the “Taylor’s Version’ of 2012’s Red, which is slated to drop on Nov. 19.

As a result, the very relevant question “What era are we in?” blew up on Twitter, with Swifties posting “Welcome to the Multiverse,” “What era are we going through swiftie?the greatest confusion of the century! Or should I called it ‘the identity crisis of the swifties’,” and the totally chill question, “TAYLOR SWIFT ANNOUNCED RED TV BUT THEN RELEASES WILDEST DREAMS TV. WHAT ERA ARE WE IN EXACTLY ???????”

And while Taylor’s fans are used to surprises by now, they were also still low-key losing it just a bit, as one fan wrote, “THIS IS LITERALLY FOLKLORE AND EVERMORE ALL OVER AGAIN MISS SWIFT?!! WHAT ERA ARE WE REALLY IN,” along with a crying emoji.

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