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None of What Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Said About Abortion Is True

If nothing else, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is efficient. 

In the span of less than 60 seconds, the hard-right Georgia congresswoman accused President Joe Biden of treason, alleged the Southern border was being “invaded” by migrants, and falsely claimed Democrats want to “allow abortion up until the day of birth.” On the last point, Greene threatened that passage of the abortion rights bill would result in God no longer protecting America. 

Greene took the floor Monday and trumpeted the articles of impeachment she filed against Biden, which have no chance of succeeding if for no other reason than Republicans do not control Congress. Greene said she filed the articles—it’s not the first time she has done this—because of Biden’s  “disgraceful abandoning [of] Americans” and “arming a terrorist nation, the Taliban, which is treason—giving aid and comfort to our enemies.”

In addition to trying to get Biden impeached for the Afghanistan withdrawal, Greene wants him impeached for issuing an eviction moratorium, as well as what she deemed the “national security crisis created at our Southern border, which today is actually being invaded.” 

Border arrivals have increased dramatically over the past few months, and most recently as the result of Haitian refugees fleeing the prospect of political violence after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise earlier this year

Greene then abruptly pivoted from treason allegations to what effectively amounted to an accusation that Democrats want to murder children.

“But heading into this week, perhaps the most evil and disgusting thing that is going to happen in this 117th Congress is the bill that's going to be introduced that makes it a federal law to allow abortion up until the day of birth,” Greene said. “This wall says 'In God We Trust,’ and if that is the case, then this Congress will reject this evil bill and protect the innocent unborn.”

“If this nation becomes a nation where we have such a federal law that can kill a baby up until the day of birth,” she added, “then God will no longer provide protection and his grace over America.”

In reality, the bill Greene referenced, the Women’s Health Protection Act, would prohibit restrictions on abortions “prior to fetal viability,” which the legislation defines as “the point in a pregnancy at which.. there is a reasonable likelihood of sustained fetal survival outside the uterus with or without artificial support.”

Roe v. Wade defined this roughly as the end of the second trimester; contrary to Greene’s claims, the bill does not allow abortion “up until the day of birth” unless “continuation of the pregnancy would pose a risk to the pregnant patient’s life or health.”

Greene was stripped from her committee assignments earlier this year over her endorsement of political violence and conspiracy theories, but she’s nonetheless become one of the most high-profile Republicans in Congress and already raised millions in her re-election campaign

Still, not everyone is happy with her performance so far in Congress; earlier this month, Republican  businesswoman Jennifer Strahan said she’ll primary Greene next year in what’s currently a deeply conservative Georgia district. (The Georgia legislature has yet to pass redistricting.)

"I believe that there's a lot of people who are ready for a serious representative," Strahan told Fox News last week. "We have a lot of serious issues going on in our country right now. And we need someone who's willing to take the fight to Pelosi, to Democrats. And the only way to do that is to be in committees."



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