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Kyrie Irving, Nets Not Interested In Pursuing Trade Over Vaccine Issue

When Kyrie Irving took a personal leave last January, the Houston Rockets inquired about the potential availability of him in James Harden trade talks.

Sources tell Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report that the Nets never entertained trading Irving.

Multiple executives across the league have speculated that a trade of Irving to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons could solve each of their problems. Irving is currently unable to play home games with the Nets due to his position on not taking a COVID-19 vaccine, while Simmons has requested a trade and doesn't plan to report.

Several league sources with knowledge of the situation have strongly pushed back on the notion that either Irving or the Nets are interested in a trade.

"Kyrie came to Brooklyn to win a championship alongside Kevin Durant," one veteran executive told Bleacher Report.

James Harden's camp, meanwhile, have communicated that they expect Irving to remain with the Nets.

The Nets have worked patiently behind closed doors with Irving during other incidents.

"I'm sure Sean Marks and Steve Nash aren't thrilled with the situation, but despite all the s--t that goes on, they still treat him really well there," one league source with knowledge of the situation said. "They hear him out. They make the effort to try and communicate with him. That's why Brooklyn is a special place."



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