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This app can turn all your reading into a podcast so you can get more done


When you're toddling around the web, you probably can't go more than a click or two before bumping into some content you want to read. But, you've got a busy life, so the list of articles and other assorted stuff that you'll "read later" just gets longer and longer and longer.

Half of the reason you can't get to it all is because you've only got a finite amount of time sitting in front of your screen. Of course, if you could somehow make it easy to catch up on all that reading when you were driving or working out, or just doing chores around the house, you'd obviously make a much bigger dent in that stack.

Reading definitely isn't smart while you're driving, but with the help of the Elocance Audio Reading app, users can turn all their accumulated reading into virtual podcasts, ready to be consumed anywhere at any time.

Made for professionals, Elocance was created with the multi-tasker in mind, allowing users to organize their content, create playlists, and ultimately get more done faster.

If you've got a big report you need to review, give to Elocance. Multi-page news article? Hand it to Elocance. By clicking the share feature in your web browser or phone, just send the link to the Elocance app, and your text will automatically be added to the app in audio form.

In the app, you can create audio playlists so you can listen at your leisure, no matter what you're doing. As for the natural sounding voice reading to you, you can choose that too. Whether you'd rather hear from a man or a woman, a calm Zen-like voice or a peppier, more-focused voice, users can change voices with the push of a button. 

Users don't need to be online to listen, and the reading doesn't even have to be in your native language. Elocance can actually translate text as well, so you can listen in the language you choose. So, if you're trying to improve your French, Japanese, or another foreign tongue, Elocance can be a great study aid as well.

The Elocance Audio Reading App is normally valued at over $430 for a lifetime subscription, but right now, the app is available for over 90% off, down to only $34.99.

Prices subject to change.


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