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Kyrie Irving Currently Has 'Wild' Trade Value Range Across NBA


It is unclear when Kyrie Irving will return to the Brooklyn Nets as he remains away from the team for personal reasons.

"Today before this went down, I had a conversation with four or five people with teams and of course Kyrie was a huge topic of conversation in the league today," said Brian Windhorst. "I asked 'what do you guys think the trade market for Kyrie Irving is right now? Let's say something happened and they had to trade him.'

"And the answers that I got were wild. Wild! I got everything from.. and these were general managers and assistant general managers.

"I got everything from 'I think you can still get two firsts for him' to 'You can attach him in as filler.' I got that level of [differing opinions]."

Windhorst indicated he doesn't believe Irving is in danger of being traded by the Nets at this time.

"I know that the Rockets wanted nothing to do with Kyrie coming back in this deal," said Tim MacMahon. "Basically, their point was 'Okay, we're going to trade really one unhappy superstar for an even unhappier star who is not as good?' If Kyrie gets traded somewhere he doesn't want to be, I don't know if he's even going to report.'"


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