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From sourdough pizza to vegan recipes, these master class courses can transform you into a serious chef and baker


What did you have for dinner last night? If your answer falls somewhere between leftovers, a sandwich, or a frozen pizza, it might be time to start getting serious about your culinary skills.

While nobody is suggesting you start cranking out souffles or baked Alaskas every night, there's a whole world of food options out there that don't demand loads of study or training. But, it does help to have a collection like The Cooking and Baking Master Class Bundle to get you on the right track.

Across seven courses featuring 12 hours of content, you can go from novice water boiler to a cooking machine, equipped with all the skills to whip up some fantastic dishes and baked goods, no matter where your tastes lie.

And, we aren't trying to make you fat, either. Instead, this collection is anchored by a pair of courses that are dedicated to healthy living. With the Superfood Nutrition: 60+ Best Foods For Health and Longevity and Quick and Easy Vegan Cooking courses, students get motivated to add more healthy foods to their diet. In addition to tasting great, this training offers the key to faster weight loss, muscle building, and more.

While nutrition is always important, we all know it's the decadent stuff that gets our blood really pumping. From a beginning baking class for making delicious artisan pastries and desserts to a course dedicated to the fine art of sourdough bread-making from scratch, you can absolutely fill your house with some incredible smells. Oh…and they taste pretty darn good, too.

The sourdough training comes in mighty handy for the Pizza Making: Bake The Best Sourdough Pizza At Home course, which covers everything from turning out your own sourdough crust to a full walkthrough on making a true Napoli sauce for your pizza bases.

Finally, Truly Beautiful Food Photography: My Exciting Master Class explores how to become an expert food photographer – because all your new kitchen creations need to be documented on the 'Gram, for sure.

Each course in The Cooking and Baking Master Class Bundle would usually cost you $200 to take, but with this complete collection, you can expand your skills beyond ramen noodles and cold cuts for just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.


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