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This training can launch your new career in real estate management


At first, the thought of jumping into the real estate game after the world's year under the COVID-19 bubble could feel like a risky proposition. But, while the depressed economy might trigger fears of fewer business and residential customers, some prominent real estate investors say the current state has many properties selling at great prices, with "a lot of opportunity" for major profits as economies recover.

You could be poised to take advantage of those turns with the instruction available in The Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management Training Bundle

The collection features seven different courses that can put any student on the path to becoming a well-rounded, experienced realtor and sound property management expert.

Your education begins with a pair of courses, starting with Property Management Training. This overview explains what it takes to get started managing properties, from listing and marketing a house or apartment, to finding a tenant. 

And that isn't always as easy as it sounds, so after you've mastered the legal aspects involved, coursework turns toward refining your interpersonal skills. You'll be trained in everything from how to make a great first impression, to dealing with different types of tenants, to making sure good tenants stick around. 

Meanwhile, the Estate Agent course furthers the learning, drilling deeper into the pros and cons of hiring a real estate agent, developing negotiation skills, uncovering insider information, and more. 

Of course, building or reworking those properties requires its own set of specialized skills. Property Development Diploma explores that side of the business, covering understanding numbers and financial information, preparing the budget, and finding the right spots suitable for development. Construction Cost Estimation also gets down into the dollars and cents, with bite-sized modules looking at the role of a cost estimator and the elements and factors that will get you to the actual cost of getting a project done the right way.

Finally, the coursework closes with a deeper look at mastering probate real estate investing, social housing management, and even how to direct finances for a hotel property.

Each of these courses is usually $200 on its own, but as part of the Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management Training Bundle, you can get everything now for a fraction of that cost, at just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.


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