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Week 10’s NFL RedZone Slate Might Break Your Brain


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With Week 10 of the NFL season still three weekends away, it’s best not to count your chickens before they hatch, but it is shaping up to be the best slate yet.

Many fans, coaches, players and health officials might not have expected that the season would reach this point, and yet Week 8 kicks off this Thursday night with all signs pointing to the year being played in its entirety. Amidst a 2020 where many things have been uncertain and difficult, it has been of the utmost joy to plop down on the couch after one too many cold snacks on Saturday night and let the troubles of the day-to-day wash away on Sunday as full-grown men fly around like banshees and knock into one another at high speeds.

For those of us with NFL RedZone, that feeling of jubilation turns to invincible euphoria when Scott Hanson’s beautiful face graces our screen and says those eight words that send shivers down our spine.

Yes, I know that DIRECTV has its own package hosted by Andrew Siciliano. I’m not going to knock what he does, because it’s impressive. He’s just not as good as Hanson. The people on the right side of history know that there is no man better suited to lead us through every touchdown from every game.

Well, when Week 10 rolls around, the day will only get better. Rather than a front-loaded schedule that sees the majority of games come to a conclusion before dinner, the slate is evenly split between early and late kickoffs. And the Jets are on a bye week so not even they can ruin the day. As a result, RedZone watchers will be tickled with a treat that is unlike any other— A DOUBLE WITCHING HOUR.

If you don’t know what the Witching Hour is, you need to culture yourself, but I’ll tell you anyway. It is typically when the first window of games are all coming to a close and anywhere between seven and ten games all enter the fourth quarter at once. It is electric and three weeks from now, we will get two. My heart is already racing.


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